4 Conspiracy Theorist Authors and Their Theories

In our world as mysterious as our own, it goes without saying that not everything is as we initially see it. The government isn’t always forthcoming with sharing its information with the public and this inspires authors to explore potential alternative truths. These conspiracy theorists present us with possible realities that are both fantastic and terrifying. Their work has inspired countless others to try and pull back the veils of illusion that keep us in the dark.

Michael A. Aquino

Michael Aquino; who would have guessed he’s involved with the occult?

Aquino has probably got one of the most experienced backgrounds of all conspiracy theorists. He had a 28 year career with the U.S. armed forces where he served as Politico-Military Officer and served in Special Operations. He has a B.A, M.A., and Ph.D. in political science. He was also High Priest of a priesthood of the Egyptian God, Set. His book MindWar is about the government finding ways, using science and the occult, of conducting mental combat on the population. Aquino claims that these new avenues of the mind spell the end of conventional physical war as we know it, citing electromagnetic field equipment which can alter human states in such a way as to end war.

David Icke

David Icke is responsible for some of the biggest conspiracy theories popular today. He introduced to the world a theory that says the biggest names and leaders on the planet are actually reptilian humanoids in disguise called the Babylonian Brotherhood. These beings control the world and broadcast an “artificial sense of self and the world.” He says they broadcast the message through the moon which is actually not real and most likely a hollowed out planetoid. He includes a lot of new age spiritualism in his work while questioning the realities we see and accept.

Jordan Maxwell

The reptoids of David Icke’s conspiracy theories.

Maxwell is a great authority on ancient religion and symbolism. His work focuses on asking “who is really running the world?” He reveals the true meaning of company symbols, logos and insignias to illustrate the roots of what he believes to be the true forces ruling the world. He explores who controls the world’s money alongside political decisions that have great impact on the world and our life.

Michael Tsarion

Tsarion is an Irish author who talks a lot about inconsistencies and inaccuracies present in all of the accounts of history that we have today. He talks about Atlantis, the origins of evil, the alien presence on Earth, and genetic manipulation. He has a book called Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation and a 6-part, 22-DVD, 60 hour series called Origins and Oracles which explores forbidden knowledge. He discusses the occult history of Ireland as well as America while attempting to prove that historical information has been deliberately given with incorrect details and inaccurate locations and dates.

Maybe one day the truth will be revealed and speculation will be a thing of the past. Until then, conspiracy theorists continue to question the government and the nature of reality itself. There are countless conspiracies that have already been proven to be real, from the CIA hiring the media to spout propaganda to their orchestrating secret experiments on an unknowing public with Project MKULTRA. Who knows what will be revealed next.